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VAT services

VAT registrations

It’s essential for international businesses to ensure compliant VAT registration profiles are in place when trading cross-border.

VAT consultancy

We believe that to provide our clients with the best service, we first need to understand their business. Every client has a dedicated VAT service team that builds a profile of the business to provide a bespoke solution to their problems.

VAT reviews

International companies must meet their VAT obligations, and ensure they aren’t being exposed to financial penalties and liabilities, but many businesses are also looking to find ways to maximise VAT saving opportunities.

A VAT health-check can help you achieve full compliance to minimise the risk of fines and penalties while also looking to generate savings, and identify opportunities to improve cash-flow.

VAT reporting

For businesses managing overseas VAT reporting, it’s essential that VAT returns, Intrastat and EC Sales Lists are completed accurately and submitted on time.

VAT recovery

Many businesses incur cross-border VAT, but many businesses avoid VAT claims because they believe it will be too complicated or time consuming. But it may be easier than expected to claim it back.

VAT guides & resources


Accordance’s VAT consultants have produced a number of free online VAT guides & resources to help you understand international VAT compliance for your business.

VAT news


BookBrunch article following European ebook judgement

Accordance has once again written for BookBrunch, in the wake of the European Court of Justice's ruling on eBooks. After France and Luxembourg cut the rate of VAT they placed on eBooks (from their standard rates, down to their reduced rates) the EU Commission bought a case against them to...
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ECJ delivers verdict over VAT rate applied to ebooks

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has delivered its verdict in the infraction proceedings against France and Luxembourg over the VAT rate which should apply to supplies of e-books. The ECJ has stated that France and Luxembourg must both revert back to applying their standard rate of VAT for...
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France – Confirmation of Import VAT Deferment Simplification

Further to our news story last year, France has now implemented the deferment of VAT payable on imports. The import VAT deferment simplification helps importers avoid the cash flow cost of paying the import VAT to the Customs authorities and recovering it later on their local VAT return.
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