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VAT services

VAT compliance

For businesses trading cross-border it is essential that compliant VAT registration profiles are in place, and VAT reporting obligations are being fulfilled accurately and on time, in order to avoid incurring fines and penalties.

Accordance offers your business a one-stop-shop for international VAT compliance in all 28 Member States and beyond and operates in all the major European languages. A dedicated compliance manager provides a single point of contact for your business while our compliance team seamlessly handles all VAT registrations and your on-going VAT reporting requirements.

VAT consulting

Constant changes to VAT regulations, together with the changes that occur within international businesses as they develop and expand, mean that keeping up to date and compliant with VAT legislation and its correct implementation is a considerable task.

Accordance believes that to provide you with the best service, we first need to understand your business. That’s why we unite an expert indirect tax consultancy with the provision of our international VAT compliance services to ensure your business receives the right advice and VAT services tailored to your business.

VAT recovery

Businesses in many sectors must negotiate confusing and risky terrain when applying for cross-border VAT refunds. Without a thorough understanding of the VAT implications of business activities in each particular country companies can face significant and avoidable VAT costs.

Accordance has learnt that the key to successful cross-border VAT recovery is accurate VAT analysis. Our consultants are specialists in cross-border European VAT and their expert analysis can guide your business through the complex VAT recovery process to ensure a successful outcome.

VAT guides & resources


Accordance’s VAT consultants have produced a number of free online VAT guides & resources to help you understand international VAT compliance for your business.

VAT news


France | Audits on VAT credit refunds applications

Article 17 of the amended finance law for 2016 has given to the French tax authorities power to conduct audits of taxpayer claims for VAT credit refunds at their premises. Formerly, the French Tax Authorities could initiate only two procedures: an accounts audit and a documents audit. It is...
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France | VAT deduction on petrol costs

Over the next five years, the amount of VAT recoverable on petrol costs will progressively be brought into line with the regime for diesel. For passenger vehicle, the deductibility will be of 10% in 2017, 20% in 2018, 40% in 2019, 60% in 2020 and 80% in 2021.  For utility vehicle, the...
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France | Introduction of the reverse charge mechanism on import VAT

The amended finance law for 2016 allow for all taxpayers to benefit from the reverse charge of the VAT at importation. From 01/01/2017 importers can import goods without payment of the VAT to customs at the time of import, instead the import VAT will be reported in the VAT return. To benefit...
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