VAT Recovery - From analysis to refund

It is estimated that up to €20 billion VAT goes unclaimed every year!


  • Lack of awareness of what is recoverable
  • Invoices that are not VAT compliant
  • Language barriers
  • Complex processes & complicated rules varying by country

How rules differ by country

Below are just a few examples of how varying legislation across the EU may affect a VAT recovery claim.

Accordance’s experienced VAT recovery experts and our well-established relationships with tax authorities enable us to submit VAT recovery claims across the EU.

How can Accordance help?

Our end-to-end VAT recovery service is overseen by our ex-Big 4 VAT Consultants. They provide an expert review to ensure that you have been charged VAT correctly, to check whether a VAT registration is required, and to minimise the possibilities of fines and penalties being levied for the submission of an incorrect claim.