Non-EU VAT Refunds

The Value Added Tax system is employed in over 140 countries worldwide so for businesses trading internationally, it is likely VAT, or a comparable indirect tax, will be incurred in the course of operating the business.

Not all countries with a VAT or indirect tax system allow refunds to overseas businesses, but many do. Sometimes, this can be achieved through a similar process to that in the EU where a claim form is completed and purchase invoices are submitted. Other countries may require a business to register for VAT locally in order to obtain a refund.

Difficulties can arise where claims must be made in the local language and according to the local VAT rules. As in the EU, some tax authorities restrict the recovery of VAT on certain types of expenditure. Accordance is able to use its in-house expertise as well as its global network of local partners to ensure all refund claim requirements are met. This often helps to expedite the claims process and result in a successful outcome for the business.

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