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VAT Recovery

A full-scale overhaul of the European cross border VAT recovery process has been underway in recent years.

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Although the changes made to the system have been beneficial in many aspects, cross border recovery is still an area of immense complexity. A common area of confusion for businesses is understanding whether VAT should have been charged by suppliers.

Companies across the board have to traverse confusing and treacherous terrain when applying for refunds after paying VAT in error. Getting money back means negotiating with tax authorities in different countries, understanding their procedures and speaking their language.

It’s not a straightforward process, as a result mistakes can be costly. Generally, tax authorities will reject misdescribed claims. Many companies who don’t fully understand the rules submit unnecessary claims, which will also be rejected. A number of businesses even pay commission to third parties to obtain credit notes on claims that could be eliminated if procedures were improved.

The sums in question can run into millions, and the impact on cash flow is serious. In the midst of this confusing panorama, we know that many businesses feel there is nowhere to turn. European tax authorities they often reject claims on the basis of negligible errors, as a result of trying to retain revenue following years of austerity,

We can help. As specialists in cross-border European VAT, we know that the key to successful cross-border VAT recovery is in-depth expert VAT analysis led by consultants. The approach we take to recovering VAT incurred in the EU depends on whether your business is established in the EU, or outside it. But wherever you’re based, we’ll find a bespoke solution for your VAT Recovery.