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Unprecedented changes to the EU’s VAT landscape are coming and businesses will have to be ready to adapt. Read our VAT insights.

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Here is where you can find the best analysis, insight and information on international VAT. We’ve got the latest on key developments in the indirect tax world; providing insight into changes to the VAT landscape so that we can help your business stay aware and prepared.

In the Future of VAT whitepaper, Nicholas Hallam discusses the digital future of tax collection while highlighting how EU member states are meeting the challenge. As Europe closes its annual 140 billion Euro ‘VAT-gap’, tech-enabled VAT reporting becomes a reality. As a result, there will be more diversity and complexity in data and templating from tax authorities across Europe. In addition, we discuss our Future of VAT Survey results while Rob Janering provides technical analysis on legislative change, tax digitisation and the four VAT ‘Quick Fixes’.

Amongst all the noise surrounding Brexit and HMRC’s implementation of Making Tax Digital, another significant VAT change is here. Sliding under the radar somewhat, are the EU’s four ‘Quick Fixes’ for VAT. In our Quick Guide to the Quick Fixes whitepaper, we outline what the four ‘Quick Fixes’ for VAT are and, more importantly, what they mean for your business. Need further information? We also devised a Quick Guide to the Quick Fixes webinar designed to guide your business through these impending legislative updates. In the webinar, our VAT experts provide insights in addition to practical advice on how to manage the changes.

At Home in Europe

Making businesses feel at home in Europe is our raison d’être. Above all, we want you to continue to trade confidently cross border – so sit back and read the latest advice and analysis from our VAT experts in our whitepapers.

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