VAT Training

Keeping staff up to date with VAT is an ongoing challenge for businesses operating internationally.

Staff that are dealing with cross border transactions need to be knowledgeable, confident and proactive in regard to cross-border VAT. This can be difficult to achieve in practice for even the most determined company, given the complexity of the rules and differences in interpretation that can exist between different tax authorities.

Accordance’s practical, client-specific training courses are designed to engage and empower trainees. The benefits of such training are enormous: more efficient handling of VAT by knowledgeable staff improves compliance and can positively impact on cash flow; the risks of fines and penalties are reduced; staff morale is boosted; and costs are reduced by more efficient procedures.

In keeping with our commitment to working pragmatically, and providing services that are useful in practice, we focus our VAT training on issues that are live for the client. We will often provide training after we have carried out a VAT Compliance and Savings Review as this ensures that we understand the issues that the business faces and can tailor the training accordingly.

We can also provide training without first having carried out a VAT review – in this case we will discuss the issues that the business is facing in order that we can tailor the training as far as possible. In all cases, we will include practical examples based on the transactions that are actually carried out by the business.

We can also produce VAT Manuals as part of the training – or as a separate project – in order to ensure that the business has documented procedures which detail the processes and controls that it has in place. This is essential in order to reduce the risk of making mistakes and also to mitigate penalties. If errors are subsequently made, the business can demonstrate to tax authorities that it had taken the necessary steps to minimise risks.


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E-commerce Training Day

Accordance specialises in the E-commerce industry and as a result of our extensive experience, we offer commercially focussed VAT and Intrastat training.

One of the great benefits of the explosion in online trade has been the opening of access to foreign markets to companies previously mainly restricted to their own territory. Distance sellers, large and small, are now selling directly to consumers throughout the EU, achieving volumes impossible just a few years ago.

It’s a hugely positive development – but there is at least one problematic and risky issue if you start to make significant cross-border sales: VAT. Our specialist training sessions are designed to ensure that you do not become a victim of your own success.

Some of the issues we examine:

  • Different member states have different sales thresholds for VAT registration. Have you become liable to register in a new territory?
  • You need to make sure you have the rates right for what you sell. Again, these differ from country to country.
  • You need to file on time (the deadlines are different in each member state)
  • You need to fill out of the forms in the language of the member state concerned
  • You have to handle Intrastat obligations, country by country
  • You may very well also have to field queries from the tax authority concerned – in its own language.
  • You will need to regularize your tax position if you have failed to declare in the past – which could mean negotiating with both the tax authority concerned and your local authority. Rectifying the position is likely to involve submitting retrospective returns.

Training events are held regularly and consist of a full day’s training on the intricacies of dealing with cross-border VAT for e-commerce. It’s a great opportunity to discuss issues face-to-face with Accordance VAT and Intrastat experts and share your own experiences with businesses in the same sector.

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