Cross Border VAT Advice

If a business is selling goods or services cross border, and wants to trade successfully, it needs to thoroughly understand the VAT implications of its transactions.

We can provide advice to ensure that any VAT obligations are identified before activities start in a particular country. This is crucial if the company is to be fully compliant with its obligations in the country where it is doing business. We will need to consider registration for VAT where appropriate, and more generally verify that VAT is being accounted for in the correct way.

Though all Member States have to base their domestic VAT legislation on the EU VAT Directive, there are many areas where discretion can be exercised. This means that the same transaction can be treated in different ways in different Member States – it is essential that this is fully recognised and that specific advice is taken in each country.

Where VAT registration is required, Accordance provides a one stop shop for registrations and returns in countries across the EU and beyond. Our consultant-led approach means that specific advice can be given to ensure that the right registrations are applied for at the right time. Our compliance team will then be able to provide updates that relate to the registration as and when they occur, as well as being on hand to deal with any questions you might have. All of this will be delivered within a clear, transparent fee structure to help you avoid any unexpected surprises.