Retrospective VAT Registrations

It is critical that your business registers for VAT at the appropriate time in order to remove exposure to penalties and interest and ensure that relationships with customers operate smoothly.

Rules about registration timing can vary between countries, so guidance may be required to ensure that you register at the correct point. Within the EU, there is generally no registration threshold for non-resident businesses (but this can vary slightly between individual countries). Outside of the EU, there may be thresholds but the position is not consistent so professional assistance is required.

Where a business has a liability to be registered and there is a delay in notifying the tax authorities, it is necessary to determine the implications for the business and specifically how VAT is accounted for in respect of this period. The rules vary significantly between tax authorities. Expert analysis will be required to ensure that the registration is from the appropriate date.

Accordance are experienced in resolving the issues presented by retrospective VAT registrations. This includes advising on the effective date of registration and successfully negotiating reduced amounts of interest, fines and penalties which may be levied when a registration is late. This helps set our clients up to make timely and correct submissions of VAT going forward.