Intrastat monitors the movement of goods between EU member states. Above all the data it provides allows member states to collate trade statistics while monitoring intra-EU trade.

If business is booming and you exceed annual thresholds, then Intrastat declarations have to be submitted. But knowing where to report Intrastat declarations is far from simple. Declarations may be required in several members states, additionally thresholds for each country can vary. For companies that exceed thresholds, Intrastat declarations are not optional – they’re a legal responsibility.

If you’re braced to breach the thresholds or have discovered a historic liability, then we can help. We will advise the nations in which you need to report in addition to the steps that must be taken, and also file Intrastat declarations on your behalf across the EU.

At Sovos Accordance, we’re well versed in European Statistics. Our consultants and compliance experts regularly manage Intrastat reporting, and have a proven track record in the successful mitigation of penalties and fines for non-submission.

As part of our Intrastat service, we can:

  • Check thresholds to ensure you submit all the necessary reports and meet your compliance obligations;
  • Submit declarations to all required EU Member States;
  • Analyse your supply chain to determine where to make declarations;
  • Advise on Commodity codes in order to ensure reports conform to regulations; in addition to
  • Assist with more complex declarations (i.e. where thresholds vary between Member States and Inco-terms and Statistical Values need to be reported)