Will your UK business continue to trade with the EU post-Brexit?

If your UK business trades with the EU, currently holds EU VAT registrations and files declarations, and will continue to trade with the EU post-Brexit then you may need to appoint a local fiscal representative. We can help.

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This EU Fiscal Representation Table for Non-EU Businesses was last updated on 10th August at 16:45 BST.

Austria ✓ Required
Belgium ✓ Required
Bulgaria ✓ Required if not part of a mutual assistance agreement
Czech Republic X
Croatia ✓ Required
Cyprus ✓ May be required
Denmark ✓ Required except for Norway-based businesses
Estonia ✓ Required
Finland ✓ No requirement for Norway-based businesses and Non-EU distance sellers, with some exceptions
France ✓ Required if not part of a mutual assistance agreement
Germany ✓ Tax agent required but not a fiscal representative 
Greece ✓ Required
Hungary ✓ Required
Ireland X
Italy ✓ Required
Latvia ✓ Required
Lithuania ✓ Required
Luxembourg ✓ Optional
Malta ✓ Optional
Netherlands ✓ Optional
Norway* ✓ Required if not an EEA country
Poland ✓ Required
Portugal ✓ Required
Romania ✓ Required
Slovakia X
Slovenia ✓ Required
Spain ✓ Required
Sweden ✓ Required except Norway-based businesses
UK x Not Required

*Although Norway is not part of the EU, the position for UK businesses trading into Norway may change due to UK no longer being part of the EEA