EC Sales Lists

If you are an EU VAT registered business trading with other VAT registered businesses across the EU, it may be necessary for you to produce regular EC Sales Lists to report the value of sales being made.

The EC Sales List provides tax authorities with vital information to ensure VAT is being correctly accounted for by businesses trading cross-border in the EU. Unlike Intrastat reports, which monitor the movement of goods only, EC Sales Lists report the supply of B2B services that have been made cross-border, as well as all goods. It provides the tax authorities with information on the values of those supplies and the recipient by utilising their VAT number.

Accordance can comprehensively manage the whole process of submitting EC Sales Lists by:

  • Identifying which transactions require an EC Sales List to be submitted
  • Making sure that the appropriate arrangements are made with the tax authorities for filing
  • Advising on the appropriate filing frequencies
  • Invoice checking and exchange rate conversion where required