The EU tracks the value of sales across the EU with the EC Sales Lists. So if you’re a VAT registered EU businesses trading with other registered companies across the continent, then the chances are you need to produce these regularly.

The tax authorities need information on businesses’ cross border accounting, and the Lists give it to them. Unlike Intrastat reports, which only monitor the movement of goods, EC Sales Lists report on both cross border B2B services and goods. They give tax authorities information on the value of these services, and who has provided them.

Even in the simplest of terms, EC Sales Lists require an in depth understanding and a fluent capacity to manage their procedures. But help is on hand. We manage all aspects of the EC Sales List submissions process, with services including:

  • Identification of transactions requiring submission of an EC Sales List
  • Organisation of appropriate arrangements with the tax authorities for filing
  • Advice on the appropriate filing frequencies
  • Invoice checking and exchange rate conversion where required