​​#GetBrexitDone. While the simplicity of the message belies the complexity of the task, the UK election result does give us a better idea of Brexit timelines.

​​A resounding Conservative majority means that Johnson’s Brexit bill passed easily through the House of Commons in December 2019. So it is now in the latter stages of becoming law.

​​As Mr. Johnson assured us all, it is increasingly likely that the UK will formally leave the EU on the 31st January 2020. The Prime Minister has so far ruled out any extensions to trade deal negotiations. So as it stands the transition period – the period in which the UK will remain part of the customs union and the single market, and all EU VAT legislation still applies – will end with or without a deal on 31st December 2020.

​​Businesses therefore need to prepare to say “Adieu” to Brussels and trade rules as we know them, and rise to the challenge to get Brexit ready; to review their supply chains in preparation for trade as, or with, a country outside the EU.

​​If you would like to know how we can deliver clarity surrounding your VAT position to help your business get Brexit ready, please download our Brexit Impact Review Information Pack.

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