Mandatory electronic invoicing for taxpayers that provide supplies to public bodies has been in effect since 2015.  From 1st July 2018, under Public Procurement Law 9/2017, this regime has been extended to cover supplies made by subcontractors and main contractors under public procurement contracts.  

As of this date, affected subcontractors are required to issue electronic invoices to the main contractors where the amount exceeds EUR 5,000.  This will have to be done automatically through the new Spanish e-invoicing platform known as the FACB2B.  This enables data verification of the invoices exchanged between the parties.

Also from this date, private businesses may use this platform to voluntarily submit invoices of a value of EUR 5,000 or less.

We have seen many Member States embracing versions of e-invoicing over the past few years. This is a very interesting development since it mirrors Italy’s path to real-time invoice issuance. Will Spain be next?

By |August 8th, 2018|