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Quick Guide to the Quick Fixes

This webinar will help you future proof your European supply chains and secure your VAT position.

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According to our Future of VAT survey, 78% of businesses are unaware of the upcoming EU Four ‘Quick Fixes’ for VAT legislation, while less than half (48%) are ready to manage the changes they will bring.

The EU four ‘Quick Fixes’ for VAT aim to simplify compliance management and will be in effect from 1 January 2020. They will be in use provisionally until 1 July 2022, when a new definitive VAT system is planned to be introduced. The ‘Quick Fixes’ aim to provide clarity and guidance on the correct VAT treatment of:
  • Call-off stock arrangements;
  • Chain transactions;
  • Substantive conditions to exempt B2B Intra-EU movements of goods; in addition to
  • Evidence required to support that movement.

Our Quick Guide to the Quick Fixes webinar guides your business through these impending legislative updates; providing you with insights in addition to practical advice on how to manage the changes.

Presented by Rob Janering, Aniko Toth and Andy Spencer on Tuesday 23rd July 2019.

Objectives and Topics

  • Introduction and background to why the 4 quick fixes are being introduced;
  • Details on each of the quick fixes; what will change, associated challenges & important considerations:
  • Chain transactions;
  • Call off stock arrangements;
  • New substantive conditions to allow the exemption to apply to intracommunity despatches;
  • New evidence to support the VAT treatment of intracommunity despatches
  • Next steps | Preparing for change
  • Q&A session


Rob Janering

Rob Janering,
Associate Director

Aniko Toth

Aniko Toth,
VAT Consultant

Andy Spencer,
Director of Professional Services

What’s included?

  • 45 minute guide to the quick fixes concluding with practical steps to help businesses prepare for change.
  • Included a 15 minute Q&A session at the end of the Webinar with our expert VAT Consultants; Rob Janering, Aniko Toth & Andy Spencer.
  • Recorded on 23rd July 2019.