Quarterly Vs Annual VAT Recovery Claims

Recover Your Money From EU Tax Authorities Quicker


Option A: By submitting one annual claim you are limiting your refund opportunity. If you miss any invoices then you risk losing out on the money you are entitled to from EU Tax Authorities.

Option B: By submitting claims quarterly you are creating the opportunity to have an ‘annual sweep’ which gives you more opportunity to recover your money.

Whether you chose option A or B our VAT Recovery Service benefits include:

Our in house expert team are fluent in all major European languages.

This enables us to liaise with all EU Tax Authorities on your behalf. Meaning we are up to date with local legislation and able to deal with queries in a native tongue, minimizing risk on your submissions.

We are consultant led, which means we are fluent in VAT & therefore can translate the technicalities and unravel complexity.

The combination of a specially trained multi-lingual compliance team & expert VAT consultants means we translate VAT terminology to ensure you understand your claim.

A dedicated relationship manager will guide you through the process while the specialists will work to claim back your money from the EU tax authorities.

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