Roberta Folta, Head of Continental European Sales

Roberta is responsible for the external facing functions of the business, including client relations, our partnership strategy and developing market share in mainland Europe with companies encountering cross-border VAT challenges. Whilst managing the Business Development team at Accordance, ensuring individuals’ diversity in skill and cultural background is harnessed, she offers excellent commercial understanding and creates strategies aligned with the business’ objectives in a constantly evolving VAT landscape.

Roberta works closely with all functions across the business, in particular Marketing to generate and seek out potential new opportunities. Since risk management lies at the heart of Accordance’s approach she also fosters a very strong collaboration with our Consulting and Compliance team to ensure full alignment.

Roberta is instrumental in Accordance’s expansion strategy within the Netherlands and actively partook and continues to oversee the development of our Dutch office (established 2018).

Roberta was born in Germany and holds a BSc in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University. Before joining Accordance Roberta traveled across four continents for three consecutive years and has found in Accordance the diversity and richness in cultures she considers so crucial for a progressive company.