Anna Higgins

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Higgins

Having had experience of the business at many levels, she understands the complex pressures felt by clients as they interact with tax authorities: Anna aims to minimise the negative impact of VAT regulation on the company’s clients.

She constantly works towards making the flow of information between Accordance’s sales, compliance and consulting teams as efficient as possible, for the benefit of clients and staff alike.

Anna joined Accordance in 2006, shortly after graduating from the University of Sussex with first class honours in Psychology. After a successful period as a Business Development Manager, Anna was promoted, in 2011, to Head of Business Development; she has since been the company’s Sales Director and has extensive experience of blue chip key accounts. Since becoming Manager Director in 2016 – and Chief Operating Officer in 2018 – Anna’s primary responsibility has been the delivery of operational strategy in the context of staff-wellbeing and development programmes; and in line with company values.

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