Accordance VAT chief Lucy Franklin explains why her firm is marking Brexit Day with a symbol of pro-EU unity.

After three years of uncertainty, appalling rhetoric and delays, today is the day millions of us hoped would not come to pass. Despite the best efforts of UK politicians, MEPs, business people, academics and individuals up and down the country, we are now officially leaving the European Union.

Although the transition period will in theory maintain the status quo until the end of the year; today is an extremely significant moment for the nation, after which nothing will be quite the same.

I have made no secret that Brexit is something I fundamentally stand against. I have marched twice for a People’s Vote; and I’ve written in various different outlets about the effects Brexit will have on our culture, our people and our business. For me, as for many of my staff, Brexit is a deeply emotive subject.

Given today’s significance, it must be marked by those who oppose what is happening. And who wish to show a strong sign of solidarity with EU friends, colleagues and neighbours.

That’s why I am harnessing not just the people in Accordance that feel the same way I do; but also our organisational machinery to commemorate this historic and sad day.

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By |January 31st, 2020|