We’re living through a situation that almost no one saw coming, and no one was prepared for. I’m not going to use this article to throw my voice behind the chorus of recriminations or celebrations of different nations’ measures for dealing with the pandemic. Only time will tell who managed it best and who suffers the most.

What I will say, as a business leader and head of international firm Accordance, is that to emerge from this crisis with our economies intact we will need to work together across the board, on a political, enterprise and individual level.

As 2020 marches on with a course of events that are nearly unprecedented in modern history (who else yearns for the simpler days of wall-to-wall Brexit commentary?), EU unity is perhaps more vital than ever. We must work together to forge stronger links across the continent as the pandemic rages on. These links must be established across multiple areas of public life – from a political and scientific perspective, we need cross-EU cooperation to learn about the virus and how to overcome it. A vaccine will only be developed and made commercially available if we pool our shared knowledge and understanding of Covid 19 and how it works, and leverage commercial frameworks to make it available to people across the continent and wider world.

Collaboration in enterprise is also essential. With shutdowns which range in severity across the EU, business activity is diminishing and it’s likely that we’ll see certain sectors lose value as they batten down the hatches, despite various governments’ attempts to implement stimulus packages. Now, as many companies find issues with procurement, supply chains and…

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