Lucy Franklin is CEO of Brighton-based Accordance, a company aiming to become Europe’s leading VAT provider. She talks to BLM about her ambitions in addition to her innovative staff well being initiatives.

Can you tell us about Accordance and what it does?

Accordance is an international tech-enabled compliance and consulting firm. We ease the burden that cross-border VAT creates by offering clarity from complexity. We established Accordance 13 years ago, and I have been in the CEO position for one year.

Culturally it’s a very diverse and intellectually-stimulating environment. We care about the people here, and we want them to prosper.

Can you also talk us through your path to this role?

I’ve been in this profession for about 20 years, essentially driving growth for sales function in other industries. I started as a Sales and Marketing Director here about eight years ago, and moved my way into the the Managing Director role, and more recently the Chief Executive Officer position.

My background is around strategic growth, how to maximise people’s potential through their empowerment. I think businesses often fall into the loophole of focusing their strategy on building a plan without their people at the heart of it. Plans don’t work if people are not motivated to fulfil them.

What trends are you seeing around international trade at the moment?

We are in a challenging period as preparing for Brexit has been difficult given the uncertainty; for us and for the businesses we help to trade confidently. In some instances businesses have stopped trading, or re-routed their supply chains.

What do you think the post-Brexit future might hold?

I think all we can ask for is that we get a deal which allows us to continue trade whilst making sure it’s still frictionless. So That is the most we can hope for. It’s a case of making sure Europe is still prospering, whether we are inside the European Union (EU) or out.

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