Poland has recently enacted legislation introducing a VAT register for companies, known as a “white list”, to enhance VAT compliance from 1st September 2019.

The register will hold key information on VAT-registered companies in Poland including:

  • their contact details;
  • dates of VAT registration;
  • dates and reasons for deregistration/reregistration; and
  • their bank account details.

The aim of the white list is to help verify a potential partner’s information.  This free to use tool will do this by allowing access to data up to five years prior to the day the verification is being made.

Additionally, if a buyer makes a payment greater than PLN 15,000 to a supplier who isn’t on the list, the buyer’s related expenses will not be tax deductible. Moreover, if the supplier is found to be in arrears for their transaction, the buyer will be held jointly and severally liable for those arrears.

Companies involved in a lot of transactions may find complying with this new requirement to significantly contribute to their administrative workload.  However, the application of it continues a trend seen across the EU of tax authorities gradually shifting more of the responsibility for policing the activities of “risky” operators onto the shoulders of business.

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By |June 20th, 2019|