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Each and every business we work with has unique international VAT obligations.

Find out how we turn complex procedures into streamlined clarity for a range of international businesses.

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VAT Technology

Read on to find out how we assisted our client declare VAT submissions under Making Tax Digital (MTD) with our bespoke VAT technology software integrated into our consulting-led compliance service.

Chain Transactions

Cross border buying and selling of goods in the EU allows businesses to flourish, but makes VAT responsibilities a spider’s web of complexity. Chain transactions – where goods move across borders and ownership changes at least twice in the process – are a particularly intricate issue. We work extensively with businesses with chain transactions to simplify the overly complex and ensure reporting requirements are met and efficiency is at the heart of decisions.

Getting Distance Sales Right

When a business engages in distance sales, the stakes are high on exceeding thresholds. We know that companies struggle to keep up to date on country specific VAT rules and registrations, and we know what this can cost - in sanity and sterling. We recently helped a multinational client who had unknowingly exceeded thresholds and was liable for VAT in several EU member states. Our action plan got them correctly registered, reduced impact and recovered VAT.

Improving Cash Flow

VAT shouldn’t be a burden for business. But, when doing cross border trade, VAT can feel like a black hole of unexplainable costs and unintended consequences. We’re here to simplify the overly complex, and find solutions for businesses that keep them compliant while reducing unnecessary costs. Find out how we streamlined VAT processes and improved cash flow for a leading distribution business by doing just this.


Supply chains allow streamlined production and distribution of goods and services. However, they create convoluted procedures from a VAT point of view. Read on to find out how we recently helped a client with a complicated supply chain make the most of triangulation rules, and to avoid registering in multiple countries at significant cost.

Understanding Transactions

When companies operate internationally, there is a risk that their VAT procedures become siloed. We know the importance of looking at a company’s whole VAT picture and working across teams for full understanding. We recently worked with an oil industry business who had registrations in three countries, with separate providers managing compliance. Read on to find out how we minimised their risks and reduced their costs with our panoramic VAT approach.

VAT Rate Review

VAT regulations never get less complicated. Although there are overarching rate regulations in the EU, there is flexibility for member states to set varying rates on some services and goods. All of this makes for a complex and ever-changing panorama for businesses to deal with. Read on to find out how we help clients stay on top of this wild variation across the EU with our rate reviews.

Retrospective VAT Recovery

Many businesses struggle with retrospective VAT recovery. Read on how to find how we helped a manufacturing business recover VAT following years of unsuccessful claims to the Italian authorities. We also worked with them to improve their understanding of VAT recovery and their procedures, so that future claims had a much better chance of success.

Applying the Domestic Reverse Charge

Although the same EU VAT directives apply to all countries, in practice individual nations have scope to apply varying rules. When doing business in a new country, this variation can come as an unpleasant surprise. We work with companies of all sizes to mitigate the impact of VAT variance – read on to find out how we helped one business apply the domestic reverse charge and improve efficiency.