After a publication from the Italian tax authorities on 26/03/2017, it has been now confirmed that a new quarterly VAT return (Comunicazione IVA trimestrale) must be submitted in 2017 with first deadline on 31/05/2017.

Everyone must submit this new return with the only difference that quarterly filers must submit only one form for the quarter, when monthly filers will have to submit three forms referring to each month of the quarter. This new return will include the following information:

  • A summary including all basic information of the company;
  • A box “VP” reporting all the transactions from the liquidazioni (local sales and purchases, as well as intra-community transactions). This box will include the following details:
    • Period referring to the liquidazione
    • Total amount of sales and purchases (NET)
    • VAT charged and deducted
    • VAT due or in credit
    • Any credit to be reported
    • Prepayment

The deadline to submit each return is fixed on the last day of the second month following each quarter. For 2017, the deadlines are the following:

  • First deadline: 31/05/2017
  • Second deadline: 18/09/2017
  • Third deadline: 30/11/2017
  • Fourth deadline: 28/02/2018

The deadlines for 2018 are still to be confirmed but should match the new quarterly Spesometro filing deadlines. Further updates will be provided in due course.

By |April 5th, 2017|