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The Future of VAT

Our free Whitepaper brings your business up-to-date on tax digitisation and future VAT legislative changes. Including the EU’s four ‘Quick Fixes’.

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Unprecedented changes to the EU’s VAT landscape are coming and businesses will have to be ready to adapt.

Our research found that the majority of businesses are unaware and unprepared to face the impending VAT changes in Europe. In fact, some 78% of businesses are unaware of the upcoming EU Four ‘Quick Fixes’ legislation. Less than half (48%) are ready to manage the changes they will bring. Similarly, despite 58% of financial decision makers believe Real Time Reporting (RTR) will affect their companies in the next two to three years. A sum of 38% are not prepared for necessary adaptations.

In our whitepaper, Nicholas Hallam discusses the digital future of tax collection and how EU member states are meeting the challenge. In addition, we discuss our Future of VAT Survey results; and Rob Janering provides technical analysis on legislative change, tax digitisation and the four VAT ‘Quick Fixes’.

We recognise that businesses will need to comply with big-data driven collection and enforcement and adopt VAT technology as part of the tax digitisation trend. As leading cross-border VAT specialists for Europe we will ensure you continue to embrace European market opportunities in addition to the benefits of increased tax digitisation; data transparency, reduced risk and overall better compliance. Find out more about our VAT Technology solution.

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