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Keep up-to-date with the world of international VAT and indirect tax 

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European tax authorities are taking urgent measures to tackle the VAT Gap, whilst also moving towards a definitive VAT regime for cross-border trade. As a result, new developments aim to facilitate cross-border trade while also increasing VAT revenue for Member States. Therefore planning ahead to manage changes will ensure your business stays VAT compliant. And, as a result, reducing risk of penalties and fines.
So let us guide your business through impending VAT legislative updates. Delving into the latest key developments in the indirect tax world, our VAT experts provide the best analysis and insight to stay compliant while trading cross-border in the EU.
Our free VAT webinars provide practical advice on:
  • New VAT registration requirements;
  • When and how to charge VAT;
  • Record keeping for VAT; in addition to
  • Understanding your supply chain position
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At Home in Europe

Making businesses feel at home in Europe is our raison d’être. Above all, we want you to continue to trade confidently cross-border. So sit back and listen to the latest advice and analysis from our VAT experts in our free webinars.
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