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E-Commerce VAT Package and One Stop Shop 2021

Building on the success of the mini one stop shop (MOSS), the new e-commerce scheme brings changes to online cross-border trade in the EU

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“A much-needed simplification for e-commerce businesses and VAT”

Under their latest directive, the EU’s VAT e-commerce VAT package and One-Stop-Shop (OSS) aims to modernise online cross-border trade. From 2021, business-to-consumer (B2C) sellers can file a single EU VAT return through OSS, alongside domestic VAT return for all EU sales. At the same time, an EU-wide B2C selling threshold of €10,000 will replace those of all Member States.

Originally set to come into effect in January 2021, the EU has now delayed the implementation of the new rules to July 2021. The changes provide a much need simplification for e-commerce VAT. However, businesses still need to undertake careful planning to ensure they understand new VAT obligations and that systems are ready.

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