World Environment Day (WED), celebrated in more than 143 countries, is organised by the United Nations to highlight environmental issues. Colombia hosts this year’s WED in partnership with Germany. The World Environment Day theme this year is biodiversity.

At present, one million plant and animal species are facing extinction. There has never been a more important time to focus on the issue of biodiversity.  Let’s reimagine our relationship with nature and put nature at the heart of our decision making. It’s time #ForNature.

The Green Team

To celebrate World Environment Day and biodiversity, members of the Green Team share their plans for their gardens in 2020. Unsurprisingly, they all have biodiversity in mind.

    • “On Earth Day this year, I planted a mini wildflower meadow to keep the bees happy!” – Alex Thomas.


    • “Plans for our garden consist mainly of incorporating more plants to sustain our pollinators – we currently have one large out of control lavender which we planted last year – which has shot up with all the sun we’ve been having (plenty of honey bees visiting) – as well as lots of other colourful flowers that are pollinators. I also planted some ‘beebombs’ earlier in the year, which have also shot up with the lovely weather – excited to see what they actually are (they’re a mixture of wild flowers, so it’ll be pretty either way I’m sure).” – Louise Cox.


  • “We made a bug hotel to encourage insects into the garden. We got a bit carried away with our design, but they are easy to make using a bundle of twigs and string. Some insects (greenfly etc) are obviously viewed as pests. However, there are natural approaches to controlling them including the encouragement of a healthy population of other bugs that may keep pests at bay. No need to reach for the pest sprays as a first option.” – Dave Ridall.

So keen gardeners at Accordance continue to tend to their gardens with biodiversity and the planet in mind. In the face of immense global challenges, we can all do our bit for the environment by planting trees and pollen-rich flowers to help pollinators such as bees and also, the planet.

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