Spanish businesses with cross-border transactions seek a centralised and trusted adviser, says Senior Business Development Manager Sonia García Álvarez. Read on to find out how Sovos Accordance helps Spanish businesses navigate the VAT landscape, through our partnerships with legal advisory and accountancy firms throughout Spain.

Spanish advisory firms (gestorías) are experts in their fields and specialise in Spanish law and tax. However, they are not always able to provide VAT compliance services to their clients. Particularly to those are expanding their cross-border activity into Europe and other territories. So these Spanish companies often look for a trusted advisor (abogado/gestor) to assist with all their business matters; for a centralised service and experts in their field.

We work with Spanish legal advisory and accountancy firms based across Spain. Through partnerships and centralised VAT reporting service, we help their clients navigate the evolving VAT landscape in Spain and beyond.

We recently collaborated with a Spanish legal advisory firm that, prior to our partnership, was unable to assist clients with cross-border VAT. As a result, clients switched to another abogado/gestor who could provide a centralised VAT service for cross-border trade; one that could support their growing business.

This scenario is not unique to Spain and business across Europe face this challenge.

The Future of VAT

Whilst still overcoming the major financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are required to adapt and prepare for a number of seismic changes on the VAT horizon. Technological and legislative challenges creating additional complexity for businesses trading cross-border throughout the EU.

Trade with Confidence Together

In Sovos Accordance, we know that the ability for your clients to trade confidently and remain VAT compliant is more important than ever.

As an EU VAT partner, we provide a complimentary and enhanced service offering. We protect your clients’ trade and supply chain by ensuring local VAT reporting compliance across Europe and beyond.

This is through the unique combination of our expansive European VAT consulting expertise with country-specialist, tech-enabled VAT compliance – all from one centralised hub. Like having a friendly local guide, with encyclopaedic VAT knowledge, of every country, your clients trade-in.

Let’s Collaborate 

If you need VAT advice and/or compliance services for your client, get in touch for a free-of-charge consultation call with myself or my colleague Caroline and one of our VAT Experts. During this first initial consultation, we will be able to identify your client’s requirements and agree on the next steps.

Sonia García Álvarez manages and develops partnerships in Europe with law and accountancy firms, logistics and transport companies, independent consultants, amongst other fields of expertise. Working with Caroline Join, they develop Sovos Accordance’s exposure in Europe. Whilst also assisting partners and companies with complex supply chains with their cross-border VAT queries.

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