This week, our equality and diversity network Kaleidoscope teams up with Accordance Sport and Social group to host the Bike Week Challenge. We’re promoting diversity in the fantastic sport of cycling and hopefully inspiring more people to ride. We’re inspired by Cycling UK’s Bike Week and the #7DaysofCycling challenge.


Bike Week is an annual celebration to showcase cycling. Cycling UK is a charitable organisation dedicated to improving conditions and access for all cyclists while encouraging more people to ride. The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the change at which towns and cities across Europe are becoming cycle-friendly. In some cases, miles of bike lanes appeared almost overnight. We hope that this change and Bike Week will encourage more diversity in cycling. Ultimately, the more diverse cycling is, the better the experience will be for everyone.


Our Challenge

So we’re asking our keen cyclists to record their two-wheeled activities between the 6th and 14th June on Strava. At the end of the week, we’ll total our cumulative distance and time. We’ve set ourselves a few distance goals from our Brighton HQ….


  • Goal 1 | Brighton to Paris; 
  • Goal 2 | Brighton to Amsterdam; 
  • Goal 3 | Brighton to Luxembourg; 
  • Goal 4 | Brighton to Berlin;
  • Goal 5 | Brighton to Copenhagen; 
  • Goal 6 | Brighton to Madrid; 

Our cyclists

Cycling is a great sport with benefits for mental health and general well being. It is a great way to challenge yourself whilst keeping in touch with nature and being kinder to the planet. I could tell you more what a great sport cycling is, but we prefer our team to do the talking. Find out what cycling also means to them…


“A friend got me into cycling first as a bit of a day out and then to get some exercise. Since then, it has turned into a real hobby and a bit of an escape from the busy city.” – Jack Oakley


“Freedom and relaxation, especially now with the lockdown it’s so nice to get out and explore the beautiful areas around Brighton.” – Katya Vezzadini 


“Cycling is much more than just a way to keep fit for me.  I feel a sense of freedom on a bike, a total escape from life for a moment, whether in amongst the trees on some mountain biking trail or flying through country lanes on a summers day with a sun on my back taking in the sights and smells.” – Keith Clarke


Getting out and exploring both coastlines and rural countryside, either off-road or on-road, whilst keeping fit at the same time.” – Chris Blaker


“I love the head space it provides me – there’s nothing like being in the middle of nowhere going at high speed. I always enjoy it – particularly now the weather has finally showed up.” – Lauren Trigwell


“Being a mountain biker has been a part of my self-definition, even though there were breaks during this period. For me, it’s a way to connect with nature and endless fun.” – Zoltan Csekei 


We’ll be tracking our progress on our #AtHomeInEurope LinkedIn showcase page. Follow us to see how far we pedal.
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