At Accordance sustainability is an important business practice we strive to incorporate in all areas of our business. A key part of this is how resources are managed.

Zero waste to landfill means that when waste leaves our premises, none of it goes to a landfill. 100% is diverted to a more sustainable pathway.

So how did we get there?

We worked with our waste management partner Paper Round who recycle all our food, paper, carboard, glass, tin, plastic, batteries and IT equipment. All these items are recycled and turned into reusable products.

Paper Round also started taking away our general waste at the start of the year. General waste is inevitably produced as part of any business activity but with Paper Rounds zero-to-landfill service we can rest assured that Accordance is taking the most environmentally friendly option.

What happens to our general waste?

1) Anything that can’t be recycled goes into out general waste bins which is then collected by Paper Round.

2) Waste is then transported by barge which saves 100,000 heavy goods vehicle movements from London’s roads each year.

3) Our general waste is taken to a modern energy from waste facility where it is converted into energy.

4) The energy converted goes back into the national grid to be used by homes and businesses.

Zero waste to landfill is just the first step in a long process to sustainably manage our resources but we are very proud that we have managed to achieve this at the start of 2020!

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By |April 22nd, 2020|