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Accordance Is

the pro-European cross-border VAT specialist

We are here to drive greater trade, harmony and understanding by helping our internationally-trading clients to feel at home in Europe.

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We bring clarity to the deep complexity of cross-border VAT. Therefore enabling businesses to trade confidently across Europe.

We are VAT specialists who blend consultancy expertise, compliance rigour and strong relationship management, all the way through to VAT recovery. Owing to our unique approach, we ensure seamless and pragmatic engagement with our clients and all of their VAT issues across Europe.

Why Accordance?

Since we were born in Brighton in 2007, we have grown into a company of more than 100 specialists working out of offices in Brighton and Amsterdam. We give consultancy advice and compliance services to diverse, internationally minded clients so that they can continue to trade with confidence. Above all, our teams work in an integrated way. Consequently, we don’t do silos; we work closely together to share knowledge while providing clients with outstanding service.

We have an internal culture of open-minded diversity and a fundamentally pro-European stance. Our Experts are at the heart of everything we do. Due to this, we are enabled to act uniquely, in accordance with the ever-changing complexity of European VAT.

The Accordance Charter for our Europe community

We are pro-Europeans for cross-border trade. Experienced, expert, willing to share and open-minded to the restrictions and possibilities of free-trading across Europe.

Above all, we will work with your business to turn VAT complexity into accordance and clarity. Uncertainty into confidence. Risk to reward.

Bridging Borders

Owing to the boundary-less interior of our own diverse culture, we provide flexibility needed to navigate the ever-changing state of cross-border VAT.

As a result, our unique blend of consultancy and compliance brings rigour and a supportive relationship you can trust.

Above all, we are constantly striving to provide the confidence that makes our clients feel at home in Europe.