VAT is Europe’s gift to taxation and is central to the European economy. It’s a domestic tax with a supranational framework. As a result, it’s a political hot potato, an issue in which sovereignty and efficiency are in constant conflict. This has big implications for businesses trading in Europe. Find out where International VAT stands today.   


The Future of VAT

The European Commission would like to harmonise VAT across the EU. Member States want to do their own thing. And technology might be about to change everything anyway. Where’s VAT going?


At Home in Europe

What does it mean to be a European company? Accordance has homes in Brighton and Amsterdam; more than half of our team are non-UK EU nationals. We care about business in Europe because we believe that Europe itself has value.


Managing Brexit

The UK was supposed to leave the EU on October 31st, 2019. It didn’t. Will it ever leave? Could there still be a ‘no-deal’ exit? What happens to VAT if or when the UK does depart? And how should businesses prepare for various eventualities?  


VAT Technology

Talk of big data and automation is everywhere. The tax world is no exception. What is the tax authorities’ ‘digitisation’ agenda? What is the future of electronic International VAT reporting? Find out what we see as being the right balance between technological process efficiency and deep human expertise.


Women in tax

It’s 2019, and women are no longer a rarity in the tax industry. While a long overdue advance, it’s one we can all celebrate. The world has moved on and we have seen an increase of women forming part of, excelling in, and transforming the financial sector.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting: An Opportunity, Not An Obligation

Gender Pay Gap reporting represents an immense opportunity to identify if and where there are issues within a business. Visibility is the first step towards progress – and the gender pay gap is an issue we need progress on. This is why Accordance has made the decision to publish our gender pay gap statistics, despite being well beneath the legal threshold for reporting.


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