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Accountancy Age | The VAT agenda in the European Union

Following the release of the EU’s White Paper on the Future of Europe, Nicholas Hallam has written for Accountancy Age about the Commission’s VAT agenda.

He notes that while ever closer union is, as it has always been, top of the agenda for the EU Commission, there is a shift towards an openness to alternatives in the report – brought about by Brexit and the uncertainty of election outcomes across Europe.

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Financial Director | Tax after Trump

Ahead of Trump’s inauguration, Accordance’s CEO, Nicholas Hallam, has written for Financial Director exploring the 45th USA President’s approach to VAT and international tax policy.

Historically, VAT has been a controversial subject in American politics and Trump argues against the supposed ‘unfairness’ of the indirect tax.

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Accountancy Live: European VAT landscape struggles to modernise

Nicholas Hallam has written for Accountancy Live, about the EU Commission’s plans for VAT harmonisation.

Restricting indirect tax fraud is the current main driver for the spate of proposals centering around VAT recently (the latest being a follow up to the EU’s VAT Action Plan, published last spring), and ever closer harmonisation continues to be the direction of travel in order to achieve their goals.

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Accountancy Live: VAT crucial to EU aim of tax harmonisation

Nicholas Hallam writes for Accountancy Live this month, about how the EU Commission is stepping up it’s involvement in Member States’ tax affairs to ensure increasing tax harmony across the EU.

Highlighting a recent ruling from the EU Commission that Ireland’s tax deal with Apple, in which they are estimated to pay only 3% corporation tax, is considered state aid and should therefore be penalised €13bn for the ‘sweetheart deal’, Nick points out that there is a struggle between a Member State’s desire to be attractive to businesses in the comptetive landscape, and the EU Commissions mission of harmonisation.

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EU VAT Action Plan: The future of an illusion

In May, Accordance’s CEO, Nicholas Hallam, attended the International VAT Association Conference in Vienna, and was also asked to speak on a panel at the Institute of Directors, in London, at their Brexit conference.

These two events have influenced and informed his latest article, in Accountancy Age this month, which highlights the broader context of the In/Out debate, and the setting in which the EU Commission has recently published it’s EU VAT Action Plan.

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Accountancy Age – Would Brexit mean the end of VAT in the UK?

Nicholas Hallam has written for Accountancy Age about the VAT issues surrounding ‘Brexit’ this month.

The article highlights how VAT may be affected by Brexit (“VAT – as the Action Plan repeatedly points out – is a European invention, a prerequisite for countries wishing to join the Union, and the tax at the heart of the EU project.”), and how the recently released ‘EU VAT Action Plan’ may be a determining factor in whether Brexit occurs.

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VAT Responsibility – whose is it anyway?

Nicholas Hallam has written a very interesting article about VAT responsibility for Accountancy Live this month.

The article looks at the latest developments in responsibilisation, taking into account the UK’s stance in the Budget last week, and how there is a strong possibility of a progression from holding warehouses responsible for unpaid VAT to holding accountants responsible for their clients non-compliance.

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