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Accountancy Age | EU tax authorities: Anti-fraud measures & a grab for cash

Tackling VAT fraud with increased reporting measures across Europe is integral to understand right now. To date, 13 countries have implemented these measures in attempt to combat fraud and close the “The VAT Gap”.

Nicholas Hallam has discussed the measures being implemented by EU Member States and how these may affect the UK taxpayer in an article for Accountancy Age. The article titled “EU tax authorities: Anti-fraud measures and a grab for cash” explains what is already in place, as well as proposed measures & highlights how the tax authorities are working together (MARD).

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Supply Chain Digital | What impact will Brexit have on supply chain operations?

With uncertainty surrounding all facets of Brexit, it is prudent to consider the eventualities that can effect different business processes.

Nicholas Hallam has written an article, featured in Supply Chain Digital, which analyses the impact that Brexit could have on supply chain operations from a; Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental (PESTLE) perspective.

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Accountancy Age | 5 ways business models can affect VAT liability

Being aware of VAT obligations – and how a business model may affect them – will enable business owners to make informed decisions and minimise tax risks when determining the business structure that they adopt.

Accordance have written for Accountancy Age, examining the importance of being able to justify your business’ desired operational framework from a compliance perspective.  In the current political and regulatory environment, being able to substantiate and justify the commercial and economic realities of your business structure and minimise tax authority challenges is key.

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Accountancy Age | The VAT agenda in the European Union

Following the release of the EU’s White Paper on the Future of Europe, Nicholas Hallam has written for Accountancy Age about the Commission’s VAT agenda.

He notes that while ever closer union is, as it has always been, top of the agenda for the EU Commission, there is a shift towards an openness to alternatives in the report – brought about by Brexit and the uncertainty of election outcomes across Europe.

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Financial Director | Tax after Trump

Ahead of Trump’s inauguration, Accordance’s CEO, Nicholas Hallam, has written for Financial Director exploring the 45th USA President’s approach to VAT and international tax policy.

Historically, VAT has been a controversial subject in American politics and Trump argues against the supposed ‘unfairness’ of the indirect tax.

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